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Who we are

Abreast of the changes occurring throughout the business area of transportation and logistics, Fernando Coelho Transportes, specialized in various areas of the business, equipping itself with the material and human resources needed to meet the specific needs of many niche markets.

The focus on training of it’s employees and the constant update on the use of specialized transport technologies, allow this company to surpass the crisis affecting the sector.

We offer our services throughout all Portugal with two logistic bases located in Lisbon and Oporto.

What we do

We focus on the transport of goods for the account of others, nationally and internationally, namely computer equipment and containers, storage of goods, business and domestic changes, movement of equipment with external lift or robot climbs stairs to headquarters and general cargo overall, we have delegations in Lisbon and Port.


The main goal of Fernando Coelho Transportes, is to offer an excellent service with the ability to find solutions that are adapted to the specifications of each client, while maintaining competitive prices, thus satisfying all customers with whom we work, winning with it strong trade ties and ensuring the client loyalty with a lasting relationship of trust.


Fernando Coelho, born in Lisbon, with an humble and entrepreneur spirit, began his career on the transport business on 2003, investing his training in management of transportation companies.

In 2004, he founded his own company – Fernando Coelho Transportes, with logistics bases in Lisbon (Sintra) and having as the first customer the company Canon – where it began by making the equipment picking. Thanks to the excellent performance of the team, sooner shall make the whole process of delivery and picking of the equipment of this company, trough all country.

Growing against the financial crisis, the company decides to diversify his offer, acquiring cutting edge equipment for special transportation – such as large loads on stairs, furthermore it also established a second warehouse in 2011, located on Oporto, which allowed the company to operate from north to south of Portugal, with logistics bases in Lisbon and Oporto.

Having reached full capacity on their warehouses, the company expanded and got two new warehouses in Frielas, Lisbon (1400 m2) and Moreira da Maia, Oporto (1200 m2), managing to upgrade the quality of their service. At the end of 2015 due to the company’s growing, Frielas Warehouse, in Lisbon, expands to 2200m2 (previously 1400m2).

In 2019 we opened a truck park at IC 8 IC 8 km 78,300 with 6000m2 in Figueiró dos Vinhos to give support to our Iberian service, in January 2021 we had the need to create a logistic base on that area as well, thus inaugurating a new 700m2 warehouse in 4th January 2021 near the truck park.