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We maintain an enviable portfolio of clients, where we highlight the following companies:


GMAC Financial Services
José Almeida (Wholesale Supv. & SU)

“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of services provided by Fernando Coelho Transportes.

Even in situations of greater difficulty (such as the transportation of vaults and other heavy items), Fernando Coelho Transportes employees always maintained the same level of commitment and quality. A highly dynamic and above all well prepared team. Nothing to aim.

Next time we need we will not hesitate to hire them again.

See you soon”

HP Portugal
Marta Barata (Global Real Estate Mgr.)

“HP held a shift of approximately 700 people, this shift involved internal changes and to other facilities. This whole process took a huge complexity and featured the work of several entities – Fernando Coelho Transportes, along with Servifonsecas, played an killer teamwork. I would emphasize the ability of the team to respond with speed, flexibility to perform different tasks, always with a very good mood.

We had a challenge ahead of us, we exceeded that, always with initiative and good mood!

Very good work! We congratulate Fernando Coelho Transportes and we count on your team in the future.”

Ricardo Sousa

“The first contact I had with Fernando Coelho Transportes, was through the Internet, in 2013, when I had to change IT Servers, between 2 different places whose access could only be done by stairs. And since transportation would have to be done by stairs, the best way to do that would be with a “Robot Up Stairs,” which was not easy to find at a logistics company at the time.
After the site survey the day and time was scheduled (this service had to be run outside of office hours), the company Fernando Coelho Transport was present with its equipment climbs stairs as well as with packaging material protection and with a support team for these activities.
It was a high risk service because if something went wrong, my company would be in trouble, because as a company that develops Software and Hardware for telecommunications, the loss of servers was crucial, since it made it impossible to continue with its activity in Portugal, but all went well and the service was praised internally, because no equipment was damaged and everything worked as if the Servers had never been changed or even turned off.
After this service there was a need for another company to do the same type of services and turned to Fernando Coelho Transportes.
In 2016, I had to move a Telecommunication Equipment Technical Support Laboratory from Budapest, Hungary, to Lisbon and I questioned the company Fernando Coelho Transportes if it would be interested in doing this service, despite the distance and all the constraints involved. The answer was yes and again the service agreed and carried out with superior quality, bearing in mind the high risk of being very old equipment and some units being unique, without spares. I remember that they had to move 2 cars, a team of employees, transport material and a lot of packing material, and again had to do the service after hours, in the evening in the middle of the night in the center of Budapest.
Again everything went well, there were no pre-calories in the loading of the vehicles, nor during the return trip and the equipment arrived here without problems. Everything went smoothly and the company received internal praise from the service having been run with unparalleled quality.
From 2013 to the present, the company Fernando Coelho Transportes has been the company, par excellence, that has done all the Logistics of our company, since it has fulfilled delivery times, always with good disposition and joy.
Therefore I strongly recommend the company Fernando Coelho Transportes, for Logistics services.”